The Agenda

· REESTABLISH STATE SOVEREIGNTY: The United States Senate has devolved from a legislative body charged with protecting the interests of their respective States, to one that exercises authority over them. I will fight to return the Senate to the role set forth for it by the Constitution: the voice of each individual State.

·SECURE US BORDERS: There is room for debate over immigration policy. There is NO room for debate over border security! We must find a way to limit the opportunities for terrorism, and drugs, to enter our sovereign country at all, and human traffic to enter unrecorded and not vetted. And, we must approach this problem as though we mean to solve it.

·ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAW: There is certainly room enough in the US for any intelligent, productive, and law abiding individual who wishes to seize the opportunities that liberty offers. It should not be difficult for such individuals to gain access to all the benefits the free market has to offer. But, no individual who has come to our land by illegal means, can be classified as “law abiding”.

· ASSERT THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE PEOPLE: The purpose for federal government is to protect the States (thereby protecting the people) and provide a framework for commerce between them. No law that circumvents the rights of citizens of any State, or threatens their ability to freely engage in commerce should be allowed to stand unchallenged.

· DEFUND UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: Federal executive agencies that usurp the authority of Congress should not exist. Without money, they won’t. But it isn't enough to defund unconstitutional agencies. Congress must carry out it's responsibility to keep the president - whomever it may be - within the boundaries established by the Constitution.

· REMOVE PROHIBITIVE REGULATIONS ON MANUFACTURING: Manufacturing has left the United States. The reason has less to do with the cost of labor than it does with the expense of complying with intrusive rules. We must strike a balance between good stewardship of our environment and responsible management of our economy.

· ROLL BACK DESTRUCTIVE LAWS ON SMALL BUSINESS: Small business has been the engine of the US economy since our founding. The fuel for that engine is the individual’s unfettered pursuit of self-interest. The cost of compliance with over-broad federal regulations is driving small business out of business, and making new start-ups almost impossible to create. I will fight to lift the overbearing hands of big government off the shoulders of small business.

· LIFT RESTRICTIONS ON DRILLING FOR AND REFINING OIL AND NATURAL GAS: Government can’t create jobs, but it can eliminate them. By throttling production of natural gas, oil, and shale oil within our borders, the federal government has ignored the employment opportunities within the petroleum industry. These jobs are readily available and would support our national economy.

· ENCOURAGE ALL FORMS OF ENERGY PRODUCTION: The private sector should have the freedom to research and develop innovative energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, low-impact hydroelectric and biofuels, without government intervention (including subsidies).

· REPLACE THE INCOME TAX WITH A CONSUMPTION TAX: The income tax penalizes labor and is counterproductive. A consumption tax would permit workers to keep all their wages, save for retirement, and choose the product or service they wish to pay taxes on. People, not government, are better judges of where their money should be spent.

· REPEAL THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL HEALTHCARE MANDATE: The healthcare mandate is one of the federal government’s “infractions of the Constitution affecting the sovereignty of a State and the liberties of the people.” The U.S. government has no constitutional authority to legislate the behavior of the people, or direct the laws of a State by compelling the purchase of federally approved levels of health insurance.

· REMOVE UNFUNDED FEDERAL MANDATES: States and municipalities are sapped of economic energy when they are forced to pay for federal programs for which they are not reimbursed. This results in higher taxes for individuals at the state and local levels.

· RESTORE NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY: The Fourteenth Amendment forbids funding organizations hostile to the United States through the national treasury. As a world-governing body, the United Nations encroaches on U.S. sovereignty and monies from our treasury cannot be used to support it. Debt restricts sovereignty. Congress must pay down the national debt by refusing deficit spending and by creating an environment conducive to economic growth, instead of relying on tax hikes and token spending cuts.