While they are related, border security and immigration, legal or otherwise, should be addressed separately. Neither can go any longer without a solution, and voting on a solution to one problem should not be contingent upon the other.

There is certainly room enough in the US for any intelligent, productive, and law abiding individual who wishes to seize the opportunities that liberty offers. It should not be difficult for such individuals to gain access to all the benefits the free market has to offer. But no individual who has come to our land by illegal means can be classified as “law abiding.”

While I don’t think it realistic to believe that we can round up all who are in our country illegally, I certainly do think it realistic for those who are found out, because they have broken some other law, to be sent back to the country they came from, after a term of punishment, of course.

Fixing Immigration in 2016

If you read some of the other pages on this site, you may notice that much of the illegal immigration problem is addressed by other means. The idea that a productive individual entering the US is somehow a burden to us is flawed, regardless of where they come from. Those who are productive are also consumers. As I see it, it’s a zero-sum game. What is NOT a zero-sum game is, ANY immigrant entering the US, legally or illegally, and taking advantage of social programs that allow one to be a consumer without also being a producer. By reforming, or even retiring some of these programs, much of that burden will be eliminated.

Some who are productive are able to send money back to family members in their country of origin – thereby contributing to that nations economy, while contributing nothing to the national treasury of the US, by way of the Income Tax. Replacing the Income Tax with a consumption tax – The Fair Tax – will make ALL consumers taxpayers. ALL will contribute to the US Treasury, every time they spend.

Do I think that those illegal immigrants that have entered since the last time amnesty was granted, and abiding by all the other laws, should be granted amnesty now? Absolutely NOT!

Do I think legal immigration should be easier, and without quotas? YES, I do!