Border Security

It’s important to differentiate between border security and immigration reform. Both are important issues that need to be addressed. But, it’s my opinion that they should be addressed separately in congress. What gets done to secure US borders should not be contingent upon immigration “reform”. US borders, both southern and northern, MUST be made secure, at least to the degree that that is possible.

There are a number of more valid and less ideological reasons for making our border secure than illegal immigration. In no particular order, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and global terrorism are three reasons we can generally agree on that make it easy to take action to prevent, or at least make very difficult, entry to our great country without our knowledge and consent.

It is difficult to balance the need for a measure of security against each individual’s inalienable right to liberty, though more diligent security at the border would certainly take away from NSA’s argument that it is necessary to spy on the very people paying for it’s existence. It is also important be mindful that the only difference between keeping people out and keeping them in is a matter of which side of the gate the lock is on, or which direction the barrel of a gun is pointed.

That said, our federal government, though engaged in many things “in the name of the people” is charged with only a few. Those few can be summed up in a sentence: Federal government is to provide security and infrastructure, so the states can do commerce. Security means denying our enemies means to enter the US to do us harm. The area where that security should be applied is at our borders first. While many may find this a difficult thing to hear, I think it is important to say that there is no reason why the measures we take to keep our land safe from outside threats should be anything less than lethal, in areas where other measures prove to be ineffective. Perhaps, if that were US policy, that alone would be a sufficient deterrent to many.

Fixing Border Security in 2016

The US shares nearly 2000 miles of her border with Mexico and just over 5500 miles with Canada. Some portion of both are impassable, and some are nearly so. The rest must be protected by some method. I think, in light of the fact that we are going to great expense to train the finest fighting force on the planet, as well we should, we could do a portion of that training at bases strategically placed along the borders. Placing our military facilities near port cities made sense prior to the advent of the airplane. But, today’s army can deploy from anywhere in the US with little delay. That being the case, why not train our troops in an area where their very presence can serve as a deterrent to foreign invaders? For that is exactly what they are, regardless of their intentions. Why not use the open areas near the border as target training areas for artillery and air-to-surface ordinance? Aside from improving the accuracy of our military, it would have the added benefit of collapsing tunnels built to cover the passage of drugs and money to and from the US.

Some may say these ideas, if carried out, would be provocative. I say, there is nothing provocative about insuring our own security, on our side of the border, and the US has no obligation to the safety of those who would enter illegally. I will address immigration on another page. On this one, suffice it to say that entering the US, legally, should be a simpler process than it is at this time, but amnesty should not be granted to anyone.