The Issues

Most of us would agree there is much in Washington that needs correcting. We've become painfully aware of the overreaching hand of our federal government, but the problem isn't new. We The People have let government at all levels address issues we should be handling ourselves. As a result, we've given our leaders authority they were never meant to have. The power to make law is reserved to the States and to the people, aside from specific parts of the Constitution (enumerated powers of Article I, section 8).

My goal is to see our government get smaller—much smaller. I’ll tell you my position on the issues, new and old, so you can know how I will vote or work to reform votes already cast. But the best way to know my approach is to consult the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. You will also find insight into my positions by taking the time to read President George Washington's Farewell Address. All of which have been made available to you, right here on this website.

With regard to Washington's address, it is well worth noting that it is not the transcript of a speech delivered to Congress, nor was it written with the intention of speaking to Congress. It was an open letter to the people, published first in a Philidelphia newspaper, then in papers across the very young United States. He proves to be quite prescient, as many of his admonitions are relevant to the state of politics today. His insight speaks directly to what motivates me - not simply to run for office - but to run as an independent candidate.