The Lesson from Paris

Last Friday’s terrorist attack against the people of France, and by extension all of Europe, demonstrates the value, to every American, of defending our natural right to defend ourselves. Note that I didn’t say “constitutional right”. The US Constitution’s Bill of Rights is not a list of citizens “rights”. It is a list of specific restrictions on government. In the case of the 2nd Amendment, a restriction on state and local governments, as well as federal government.

It is likely that there will, one day, be another coordinated attack against the citizens of the US. Likely, it will be similar in nature, though broader in scope, to the Paris attack. It is also likely, that it will be carried out in areas where states and/or municipalities have restricted the natural right of their citizens to defend themselves.

I have said since 2009, “the 2nd Amendment is your right to carry”. You can find it on the campaign website, Catchy phrase; that’s why I use it. But, it is not “the right”. It is the fist on the table, punctuating the statement that American will ALWAYS defend themselves, and their country, and government will NEVER prevent them from doing so.

The attacks in Paris should cause us to give more thought to first phrases of the 2nd Amendment; A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State… . We the People are that militia. There is no realistic scenario in which our military fighting forces, as superior as they are to any in the world, can protect against a force that has silently deployed across the Union, awaiting it’s opportunity to rain terror on unsuspecting and innocent civilians.

It’s unfortunate, the victims in Paris were unable to defend themselves by any means other than running away. The French government will now fight to avenge their collective loss. Let it serve as a warning to those who seek to interfere with the freedom of responsible Americans to keep and carry, that gun laws do not prevent gun violence. When the theoretical attack occurs, the life that is saved by someone’s exercise of their natural right to defend themselves, may well be yours.